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Free photos: South Africa, Cape Town,
Love, People, Valentine, etc.

Sounds - Online Radio and Music

Crime and Crime Prevention

The Mafia and notorious criminals


Amazing Stories

African traditions and believes

Water Diving and Predators of the Sea

Christian Channel
Christianity is the greatest fact in history.
The early christians endured martyrdom
rather than forsake principle.

Afrikaner en Afrikaans
Islam - Moslems. Die Wëe van Islam

Israel - The Jewish Page
Jewish Passover
Listen to the Voice of Israel on our
Jewish Page

India, Indians


Digital Fantasy Art. Free Digital Arts Software

Nursing Schools (US)
We pride ourselves on researching nearly
every nursing school, degree program, and career. Link

Human Tragedies



Human Developement

Paranormal Phenomena

Castles, Legends and Ghosts

Illegal Drugs

Human Achievements
Ancients built pyramids, temples, majestic columns, colossal statues, quarried and moved huge blocks of stone. How did they do it? Go here

In the Years gone by

Superstitions and The Weird

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