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Residential type windows don't stop a thief. Check out these images
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Crime South Africa
Dui gewoonlik op gevaarlike teiken/ gaan weerstand kry/ roof/ kaping/ plaasaanval.
Coke blikkie/bottels/rooi lap/lint/KFC boks – weerstand verwag/ persone met vuurwapens/ mense wat
paraat is/ goeie hekke en diefwering/ alarm.
Weet jy het ‘n wapen/ is paraat/ gewoonlik 2 of meer Coke blikkies/bottels/ander rooi teken +kombinasie
met klippe/stene.
Coke blik/bottle met oopkant na huis – gemerk – iemand tuis.
Coke blik bv wat regop staan – niemand in huis, minder gevaarlike teiken.
Rooi lint/ sak, met of sonder knope in – pasop vir honde gif!!!
Rooi tekens ook in kombinasie met klippe/take, proppies ens.
Maak seker daar is nie enige tekens voor julle huise/hekke nie.

Crime Statistics. See Crime Stats SA

Think it's impossible for thieves to enter your house via a window. The
size of the openings in the window frame are too small. Think again.
Clever thieves can enter through any opening larger than a human head. Check out these images.

What is petty crime? A type of crime which is not considered serious when compared
with some other crimes. Petty crime such as shoplifting. Cambridge Dictionary.

Thieves dismantle and remove steel railings from bridges. The steel is sold for scap metal. Nou begin misdadigers brûe in Pretoria te teiken. Relings van brûe word net eenvoudig verwyder vir die
staal wat dan as skroot verkoop word. Verkeersligkabels word ook gesteel. Raadslid Marika Kruger-Muller staan hier by 'n opening waar daar eens 'n deel van 'n reling was. Bron en foto. Centurion Rekord.
Hekke by oop velde en terreine word ook geteiken en verwyder.

This is what remained of a VW Velocity 1 hour after being stolen.

A series of CCTV images shows how two armed suspects enter a property in Centurion and make their way towards an open
garage where they hijacked a car and shot dead the owner. Pictures: SAPS

Ex-convict gives firsthand advice against criminals
Many South Africans can benefit from firsthand advice on how to avoid being easy targets for criminals.
An ex-convict who goes by the name of Freedom (He uses this name from possible victimisation) knows exactly this and is devoting to helping people better safeguard themselves against crime. "I want you to start think like a criminal. I also want you to be practical and not just listen to my advice," Freedom recently said
at an annual meeting held by the Muckleneuk Lukasrand Property and ResidentsAssociation.
Freedom served 7 years in prison for the crimes he committed and it was there where something as simple
as a spoon made him decide to turn his life around. "My spoon was stolen from me in prison, and in jail something like a spoon is very valuable.
It was a painful experience. I teh realised how painful it must have been for the many people i have robbed
in my life."
At the meeting, he focused on ways of helping people safeguard themselves from house break-ins and robberies, whether they were at home or not, as well as smash-and-grabs. Freedom said it was important
that property owners informed their domestic workers and gardeners about axactly who to allow on their property, especially when owners were not at their homes.
"Criminals target housekeepers and gardeners first, also, they are smooth talkers and will try to talk their
way into the house," he warned. Freedom promoted the use of beams on properties and explained that,
when it was triggered and the alarm was activated, thieves tended to panic and might decide not to go
ahead with the robbery. "No criminal wants to be caught. I was scared as hell each time i committed a
He encourage people to regularly test their alarms and monitor what the response time would be. He instructed people in cars to be vigilant when they were driving. "Pay attention and watch your mirrors at all times. Don't type on your phone. Also, don't drink and drive. Drunken people are eay targets. And women,
stop putting on your make-up when you are driving. "
He added that it was important that people got involved with the policing forums in their communities and to keep a watchful eye out for each other. "There is no such thing as 100% security, but you can be that 1%
that adds to security as a community working together. Article by Dianne Chapman. Rekord.

Missing Persons
Missing children
Missing adults
Unidentified remains


Crime - crimes on cruise ships.
International Cruise Victims Asso- ciation (ICV) represents victims of crime on cruise ships, their families and friends, and individuals.
Copies of reports filed from December 2007 through October 2008.

Dumb criminals

Dumb Criminals (Stories, images and videos)

Crime international - United States
Did you know every year in this country there are over 1,300,000 violent crimes reported? Including...
over 88,000 forcible rapes
over 400,000 robberies
over 800,000 aggravated assaults.

Individual Crimes in San Francisco (is located in Northern California)
Individual Crimes in Los Angeles (LA is located in Southern California)
Individual Crimes in Chicago (is a city in the state of Illinois)

Crime international - Europe

ATM destroyed. Berlin. Stolen car. UK

Stolen car after a hit and run

South Africa/Suid Afrika
Koerant misdaad verslae/
Newspaper crime reports

Wes Kaap
Somerset West, Gordon's Bay,
Strand and Stellenbosh
 Southern Suburbs, Cape Town
Parow, Kuilsrivier, Tijgerhof
Saldanha, St.Helenabaai, Velddrif,
Porterville, Vredenburg, Darling,
Stellenbosch, Malmesbury
Fever.Online. South Coast
Fever.Online. Upper coast
Fever.Online. Zululand
Fever.Online. Ulundi
Oos Kaap
Fever.Online. East Griqualand
Fever.Online. East London
Fever.Online. Mthatha
Fever.Online. Uvo Lwethu
Fever.Online. Isolomzi
Uitenhage, Despatch
Port Elizabeth
Sasolburg, Vanderbijlpark, Meyerton
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Armed robbery in Elarduspark.
Three criminals stole cellphones (value
R100,000). They also took jewellery and
wallets from the shop assistants.

Loop lig vir bendes by banke wat jou
van al jou geld kan beroof.
'n Vrou het R23.000 by Standard Bank
in Centurion getrek. Oppad na haar werkplek naby Centurionmeer is sy voorgekeer en van
al die geld beroof. Wees versigtig, misdadigers kan jou dophou binne 'n bank. Sodra jy buite
is word jy agtervolg en op 'n gegewe plek
beroof. Fotos. Centurion Rekord.

Security gate destroyed